Codekontrol Records has been around for a while now, bringing us fresh acts and uncovering a depth of talented producers. After attending a studio launch party a grab the two men behind their Opposite Forces EP for a quick chat with Alpha Channel and Mario Reder.

First up how did the opposite force EP come about?

M: my first objective was to work on an EP that would appeal to a diversified audience, rather than to focus on one specific genre....

With Reeject I've tried to reproduce atmospheres generally used in videogames ( i Love video games) and to keep deep/ penetrating rhythms and percussion, whilst in OneSevenOne the mood changes completely: melodies are more repetitive and the sound becomes more techy than minimal.

The EP has received some rave feedback from established performers, tell us a bit more?

M: Yes, in fact the response was much more overwhelming than expected, having your work appreciated by the likes of Paco Osuna, Lorent Garnier or Colin Dale makes you feel even more positive about the direction that you are taking as an artist, it is another way of getting motivated and trying to put your passion to a good use :)

Alpha Channel, the remix you made of OneSevenOne also received full support?

A: This being my third release I wasn't sure how my sound would be received or if it would fit with what people are playing, as I think my style is a bit different from most. However, I was stoked at the great feedback I got from people like Mistress De Funk, Paco Osuna, Alex Tepper and Anderson Noise,  it made all the time spent in the studio worth while.

Who are your influences? Where do you get your ideas from?

M: I enjoy all kinds of music, and amongst my passions is playing piano- to which I've dedicated ten intense years- Loved it!! Therefore it would be difficult for me to pinpoint exactly artists or genres, but certainly you can account as my favorite Djs and producers: Stephan Bodzin, Mark Houle and Marco Carola.

What about you Alpha Channel?

A: I have so many influences on my music it's not even funny. I find it hard to keep track of my ideas when they come to me, I try to keep them in my head or write them down somehow in words but they tend to escape me. A lot of my sound comes from artists I like and look up: Marc Houle, Alex Under, Gaiser.....the list goes on. Elements of things like TV programs and computer games seem to end up in my tracks and I find a lot of my ideas will come to me whilst i'm watching films. So when I make tracks I tend to have something on the television beside me with the volume off or some picture or something there to spark off ideas. For this remix I was listening to a lot of 80's electro at the time and I think that really comes through in the track.

How did you guys come to work with the Codekontrol?

M: I've met Cj through a common friend and from there we started sharing some ideas and we discussed the possibility of releasing on one of the Codekontrol Records sub-labels: Minimal Force in this case...

And then in Codekontrol I have found all that an artist needs, the whole team puts a great deal of efforts in making sure that all is taken good care of, and there is a a positive vibe going on... so it looks like a nice relationship is growing, in fact there are already some new projects on the way for Codekontrol Records.

A: I used to go to parties with Ted Schon, label manager of Picknik Recordings, and I passed him my tracks once I was happy with them. My sound wasn't right for his label but he hooked me up with CJ, who is one of the directors of Codekontrol Records, and we took it from there.

How was it to remix Mario's work?

A: It was cool to be asked to do it. I had been learning to produce for years on my own and was finally confident enough in my style to get released on Minimal Force. I really liked the track and it made me see lots of images in my head which is generally how I work. I have an image in my head and with that image comes a sound or tone or maybe even just like a beat or noise and then I try to expand the idea from there.

Where do you both see each other in the future?

M: I think that one of any artists' priority is to have their music heard, in order to give the opportunity to others to enjoy your work. however I would definitely see myself more in a studio environment, concentrating on developing my skills as a producer, although I love playing and the vibes that you get are completely different.

A: At the moment I'm focusing on improving my producing and trying to hone in on a sound. Every time I do something I do it better and in a different way to how I did it before. I hope that keeps in going and I can continue to get closer to the sound in my head. I've got a solo EP coming out in first half of next year which I'm very excited about, the artists we've got on board for the remixes are exactly who I'd want to be on there. On the perfomance side of things I'm working on moving into the Live set up.

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